Top And Bottom 10 Posts Of All Time

The beauty of blogging is receiving feedback from readers in days rather in the months or years it takes with journal articles or books, and this feedback in invariably surprising. Casual remarks about a topic you don’t think essential are hits, while in-depth discussions of topics you care deeply about are duds. Overall, the 753 posts and 7 pages of this blog have logged a total of 558,249 page views since its inception in October, 2011, and elicited 2,213 comments.

The most popular post is a comparison of multiple approaches to improvement in operations. It is not surprising. What is, on the other hand, is the first runner up, a technical discussion of safety stocks, and the means of setting their levels.

The 10 most viewed posts on this blog are:

MIT article comparing Lean, TQM, Six Sigma, "and related enterprise process improvement methods"01/09/201337,663
Safety Stocks: Beware of Formulas02/16/201236,098
What to look for on a gemba walk08/06/201212,862
Why "Smart" part numbers should be replaced with keys and property lists
New assembly methods at Toyota02/26/201310,322
Where do "Value Stream Maps" come from?10/25/2013 8,093
Lean versus the Toyota Production System01/24/2012 7,746
Metrics in Lean - Alternatives to Rank-and-Yank in Evaluating People08/14/2012 7,656
Deming's Point 11.b of 14 - Deming versus Drucker08/26/2012 7,477
Metrics in Lean - Part 5 - Lead times and inventory07/11/2012/ 7,215

And the 10 least viewed:

A brief rant about the ABC’s | Bill Waddell02/27/201492
Japan can still teach the world about management: Toshiyuki Shiga, Nissan - Economic Times02/27/201492
Lean Survival Strategies in the Textile Industry | Chain Reactions | Industry Week05/03/201392
Lean and Kanban: Poker Chips, Kanban and Buffets08/05/201292
GE Locomotive Plant Threatened, Lean Viewed as Salvation | GoErie.com06/17/201391
Can’t Always Believe Somebody Saying “Toyota Would Tell You To…” | Mark Graban06/07/201391
Perfection Through Mistake-Proofing | IndustryWeek10/15/201390
General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt: 600 to run new line at Louisville's Appliance Park03/27/201290
How natural disasters test Lean supply chains02/27/201290
3rd Annual Survey of US-Based Manufacturing Executives | BCG02/24/2015/90