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TaktTimesHomepageLogoConsulting work is inherently custom, and this inquiry form is meant only as a means of helping you let us know what you need. We will respond within 24 hours and work with you to understand the details and arrive at a suitable proposal.

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2 to 3 consultants analyze the demand, map the flows of materials and information, and review the existing support structure in order to perform a gap analysis and lay out a roadmap to lean manufacturing. We recommend specific improvement projects and establish a performance baseline. Depending on the size of the factory, this initial assessment may take between 3 and 5 days.

Kaizen events are a powerful implementation tool for short-term improvements. We help clients get started with Kaizen events, identify targets, and run the workshops. One facilitator can support one or two projects, depending on the nature of the technical challengers and on the client teams available to take them on.

For projects that require a long-term sustained effort, we provide support through monthly or bimonthly visits helping client teams both in the content of what is being undertaken and in project management. Projects that are effectively supported this way include production preparation, machining cell implementation, setup time reduction, and improvements in logistics/production planning and scheduling.

We organize short, targeted study tours for teams including representatives from several levels in the company hierarchy. We use a format called “learning together” to ensure that knowledge is collected along the tour and shared afterwards.

We help clients compile their own implementation experience into a company-specific handbook, with actual shop floor projects used as examples and project management guidelines. Most, however, have neither the time nor the editorial skills to put together such a book, and rely on our help.