Lean Survival Strategies in the Textile Industry | Chain Reactions | Industry Week

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“The traditional lean approach […] omits the customer from the scenario—a rather glaring omission. The other approach, though, is extended lean, which goes beyond the plant level to include the customer and other supply chain partners. ‘Traditional lean works on processes within the plant,’ Lail says, ‘whereas extended lean connects the entire supply chain.’”

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

I am sure many others familiar with TPS and Lean will find the notion of a Lean approach that “omits the customer” as objectionable as I do. The gist of the article is that textile manufacturer Valdese Weavers survived by ignoring manufacturing and focusing instead on moving full truckloads.

This puts the Valdese Weavers experience in direct contradiction with that of companies that have seen the pursuit of transportation efficiency degrade ratther than enhance their overall performance, as documented, for example, in the work of Hau Lee.

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