3rd Annual Survey of US-Based Manufacturing Executives | BCG

“BCG’s latest manufacturing survey finds decision makers at large manufacturers expect the U.S. share of their production to rise an average of 7 percent in five years; half expect to boost U.S. factory jobs by 5 percent or more.”

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Waste audit form from Toyota Material Handling UK

Toyota Material Handling UK Muda audit formSee on Scoop.itlean manufacturing

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

This form is of interest because it comes from Toyota. Note that, in Toyota literature, to “add value” means physically changing the product. It is not used in the US Lean sense of something a customer is willing to pay for.

The labels for some of the waste categories are unusual. “Defects” is here labeled “Rework,” which seems to exclude the option that defective products are just scrapped.

This audit form has no checkboxes, but instead blocks of space to enter free text. It is even followed by an overall “Notes” section.

What this says is that the purpose of the form is to prompt teams to observe and record their findings. It is not about scoring areas or lines on any scale. It is to help improvement efforts, not benchmark against others.

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Obeya Ops | IW Presentation, April-2013 | Sam McPherson

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Obeya example from Sam McPherson

Obeya example from Sam McPherson

“The Theory behind Obeya is based on a simple idea: Dedicate time and space to coordination and problem-solving and organizational barriers will be minimized.

The ability to maintain Proper Problem Awareness in Real-time, listen to Teammember concerns, make discoveries, resolve problems together, collaborate, accelerate leader and team-member development and reach our full potential is critical to a Lean Organization

The Obeya promotes coordination, strategy and flexibility while leveraging the  expertise and support of teammates from diverse areas.

The Result: Effective solutions and actions that can be developed and implemented quickly…”

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

A clear presentation, with many informative pictures, as befits this topic.

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How the Tesla Model S is Made | The Window | Wired

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If founder Elon Musk is right, Tesla Motors just might reinvent the American auto industry—with specialized robots building slick electric cars in a factory …

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

Tesla just released this promotional video showing glimpses of its factory, the former NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA. Tesla is partialy owned by Toyota.

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A French government agency report on Lean and Safety | EU-OSHA

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“The implementation of this organizational model of production [Lean] may result if certain conditions are not met, in a deterioration of the workers´ health (musculoskeletal disorders, psychosocial risks, accidents).”

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

This document, from a French government agency, asserts that the implementation of Lean could make saferty worse in French plants. This might suggest that, without Lean, safety in French plants is adequate.

Lean is debated in France with the zero-sum assumption that, if you improve productivity and quality, it can only be at the expense of something else, usually safety. The idea that you can improve all dimensions of performance at the same time is not accepted.

My experience of French plants is of safety levels that are perhaps higher than China’s but a far cry from what you see in Japan or the US. The accidents waiting to happen range from people and forklifts sharing space without marked aisles, wine served in factory cafeterias, slick floors in metal working shops, operator jobs that require long carries of heavy parts,…

While it is conceivable that a poor Lean implementation could make this even worse, a reasonably good one is guaranteed to improve on this dismal situation, simply by paying long overdue attention to the details of operator job designs. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the INRS summary of recommendations, but they are already part of Lean.

See on osha.europa.eu

Factory to Forecourt |Burnaston Plant | Toyota UK

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“Welcome to the Press Shop at Burnaston, where immense presses exert thousands of tonnes of pressure to transform sheet steel into intricate body panels, and …’

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

Yesterday, Toyota UK posted eight videos on Youtube, showing various stages of production of an Auris at their Burnaston plant. So it is a current look at their production process.

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A Pakistani student’s project report on the Ghandara Nissan plant

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Michel Baudin‘s insight:

If you have always wanted to visit the Ghandara Nissan plant in Pakistan, this 170-page report is the next best thing, with numerous photographs of the shops.

The title implies that the plant practices both Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, but it is misleading.

It contains a long, general, and loose description of Six Sigma, but no evidence of it being used at Ghandara Nissan.

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Lean Manufacturing at Thomson Reuters Eagan Manufacturing, Distribution & Engineering Plant

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Michel Baudin‘s insight:

Employees talk about “Lean Manufacturing,” and what it means to them. They talk about continuous improvement, and participating in events, but what do they have to show in terms of changes made to operations? What they discuss most is 5S, and second to that is standard work. The say nothing of setup time reductions, improvements in flow, pull systems, mistake-proofing, or equipment modifications.

No numbers are given about achievements. The customers find the plant appealing, which is good marketing, They say they have reduced costs and improved quality, but they don’t say how much for either. The only number quoted is that an employee was able to cut his lawn mowing time at home from 3 hours to 2 by better planning his mowing route, using what he had learned at work.

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Grad student puts homework on ERP and Lean up for bids

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This student, who is “out of time and juggling many other tasks” is asking freelancers to bid on writing an essay on ERP and Lean Manufacturing for him.   He has so far seven bidders offering to do it for an average of $78.
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What is chaku chaku? definition and meaning

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The definition of chaku chaku in the online business dictionary is missing the concept of machines with automatic unloading and incorrectly states that the line must encompass the entire production process, which is not a requirement.

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