Greatest Hits of 2023

This blog’s greatest hits of 2023:

  1. Nissan’s Quick Response Quality Control (QRQC)
  2. Runners, Repeaters, and Strangers among Components
  3. Where do “Value Stream Maps” come from?
  4. The Fox Knows Many Things, But The Hedgehog Knows One Big Thing
  5. Deming’s Point 4 of 14 – End the practice of awarding business on the basis of a price tag
  6. Does Amazon Use Lean, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma?
  7. Does Toyota Use SPC?
  8. Deming’s Point 3 of 14 – Cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality…
  9. Deming’s Point 5 of 14 – Improve Constantly and Forever the System of Production and Service
  10. Deming’s Point 11.b of 14 – Deming versus Drucker
  11. Metrics in Lean – Chart junk in performance boards and presentations
  12. Why “Smart” part numbers should be replaced with keys and property lists
  13. Wrong things ChatGPT says about me
  14. Project Manager Versus Chief Engineer: What’s The Difference?
  15. Deming’s point 1 of 14: Create constancy of purpose…
  16. Why 5S fails
  17. Quality in a Manufacturing System
  18. Why we Need a Quality Department
  19. Orbit charts, and why you should use them
  20. What is an A3?

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