Three Ways Big Data Helps Manufacturers Think Bigger | Industry Week

“Here are three ways Big Data is helping manufacturers think bigger than ever before:

  1. Monitoring Product Quality Proactively
  2. Seeing the Future—and Changing It
  3. Getting Customers into the Data-Collection Game”
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Michel Baudin‘s comments:

Manufacturers already collect data by the gigabyte, including metadata, plans and schedules, status, and history. It’s not big data. It’s tiny when compared to the daily terabytes generated by transactions on Amazon or eBay, but it is still ample fodder for analysis, that is woefully underutilized.

The current databases contain information about trends, cyclical variations, product mix, and quality issues that most manufacturers do not currently extract. In such a context, I see an effort at improving analytics on existing data as a more relevant challenge than multiplying the quantity of collected data.

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3 comments on “Three Ways Big Data Helps Manufacturers Think Bigger | Industry Week

  1. I agree Michel; we can’t manage the present size of our data effectively. We should rename and refocus ‘Big Data’. The new name should be ‘Big Understanding’, and the focus should be on understanding.
    When it comes to managing the use of natural resources and data, I like to remember Faith Popcorn words, “We don’t want more and more anything anymore, what we want is less, more and more less.”
    We must ensure the designers of these new ‘Big Systems’ understand we want ‘Big Understanding’ not ‘Big Data’. We don’t want a bigger haystack; we want to reduce the time it takes to find the needle of understanding

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