Tesla Plant Visit And Non-Disclosure Agreement

Before we entered the Tesla plant, tour guide Adam Slusser ran through the stipulations of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) we had just signed: we couldn’t take pictures, draw sketches, or even post accounts of the visit on social media. To honor this NDA, I will therefore limit myself to quoting what others have already posted elsewhere.

The most recent video on Youtube is from a week ago, narrated in German, with English subtitles:

The following video complements the above. It is from six months ago, when journalist Michael Brown posted the following account of his visit. It is a reading of his detailed notes, with no video footage from inside the plant.

For still images from September, 2015, go to We took a tour of the factory where Tesla is building its new Model X (Business Insider). On Reddit, also, I found a post by a college student from June, 2013, entitled I got to tour the Tesla plant last month and took some pics.

If there is anything in the tour I took last week that is not already published, I missed it, so I am not at risk of accidentally disclosing it. When signing the NDA, I thought they were going to share secrets, which enhanced my perception of the value of the visit.