Lean Human Resources Seminar In The Philippines

“…the first ever management seminar on how to eliminate wasteful activities in the HR function…”

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Michel Baudin‘s comments:

As Mike Hoseus put it at the Lean HR summit in Florida last May:

“The important question is not ‘what is Lean’s role in HR’ but ‘what is HR’s role in Lean.’ HR’s role in a Lean Transformation is critical and essential.  For a Lean Transformation to be successful and go beyond implementing tools, an organization must address Purpose, Process, People and Problem Solving.  HR’s role is critical in all 4, but especially Purpose, People and Problem Solving.”

In other words, it’s not about the HR function doing things right but doing the right things. You are not going to do much good to a business organization if you just make HR efficient at yoyo staffing — hiring in boom times and laying off as soon as the going gets tough.

Lean HR is about hiring people for entire careers, helping them work out career plans, and helping them implement these plans. Of course, it’s better if the HR department is efficient at doing this, but the pursuit of efficiency is pointless unless it is doing this.


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