Obeya Ops | IW Presentation, April-2013 | Sam McPherson

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Obeya example from Sam McPherson
Obeya example from Sam McPherson

“The Theory behind Obeya is based on a simple idea: Dedicate time and space to coordination and problem-solving and organizational barriers will be minimized.

The ability to maintain Proper Problem Awareness in Real-time, listen to Teammember concerns, make discoveries, resolve problems together, collaborate, accelerate leader and team-member development and reach our full potential is critical to a Lean Organization

The Obeya promotes coordination, strategy and flexibility while leveraging the  expertise and support of teammates from diverse areas.

The Result: Effective solutions and actions that can be developed and implemented quickly…”

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

A clear presentation, with many informative pictures, as befits this topic.

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