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BISHKEK, February 26 (TCA) — The market economy requires new competitive advantages to develop companies and retain leadership in a particular industry. Part of the solution is to attract investments and loans, but it still does not guarantee success and stable profits. International donors have volunteered to help Central Asian businessmen, offering to introduce the concept of Japanese management called Kaizen. The author of the concept of doing business which excludes loss is Masaaki Imai, and it is based on the idea of “continuous improvement”.

“The principles of lean production are becoming fundamental in some enterprises in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan,” said Anatoly Maslov, an expert…

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

News about Lean fron Kyrgyzstan! The author can’t tell the difference between Lean, Kaizen, and ISO 9001, but this kind of confusion also occurs outside of Central Asia.

Most interesting, as usual, are the examples of companies achieving performance improvements so spectacular that they make you wonder about the starting point.

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