Sales, Marketing, and Manufacturing Improvement

The following reader question popped up in another blog:

“Does Lean apply to sales? We’re trying to introduce Lean thinking throughout the company and have found very little on how to lean the sales department.”

The response was a set of tactical recommendations on the behavior of sales reps with customers. Strategically, however, you need to think about the role of Sales within the business. It is not just to provide a flow of orders every day. Marketing is often mentioned in the same breath as Sales, with good reason, because sales are the business’s best source of market intelligence. Continue reading

Lean for High-Mix, Low-Volume Manufacturing

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Discussion started in the IndustryWeek manufacturing network on LinkedIn:

There are thousands of high-mix, low-volume (HMLV) manufacturers whose factories forge, injection mold, fabricate and machine hundreds — sometimes thousands — of parts with different manufacturing routings.

So how does one adopt and adapt Lean for jobshops and other HMLV environments?

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