The Discovery of Lean | Narrated Prezi by Mark Warren

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Brief description on the origins of lean. Lean is an outcome of implementing Flow Principles + the TWI program





Michel Baudin‘s  comments:

This is a short version of a one-hour presentation I heard live a few months ago. Mark’s take is the result of more than 30 years of practical experience in all sorts of plants around the world and more than a decade of intensive research of original documents in numerous archives in several countries.

To understand where concepts and techniques are useful in manufacturing today, we need to know who invented them and for what purpose. The historical perspective is not a luxury, and the explanations of this history must be accurate if it is to enlighten us.

At historical research, Mark is a pro; I am an amateur. John Hunter thinks I have a “library full of dusty tomes.” In truth, I only have a few old books on manufacturing, half of them recommended by Mark.

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  1. Comment on LinkedIn:

    Thanks for sharing this Michel. I agree with the original author, understanding the why behind the current crop of lean tools we see everyday is necessary to develop a lean solution that works for your individual environment and culture. While implementing lean, we must maintain focus on the intended outcome, creating flow. All of the waste elimination, training, standardization, etc will result from the drive to achieve flow.

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