Lean Assembly, Lean Logistics, and Euclides Coimbra’s Changes

My fellow consultant and author Euclides Coimbra has only written two reviews on Amazon, both on July 3, 2006, giving five stars to my books Lean Assembly and Lean Logistics, and commenting as follows:

  1. About Lean Assembly: “Very good book. Full of details. Useful for implementers. Knowledgeable readers can find many info between the lines. A wonderful contribution for Kaizen and Lean knowledge.”
  2. About Lean Logistics: “Following Lean Assembly Lean Logistics is a natural continuation. The style is the same and the information as valuable as Lean Assembly. A must have for any Kaizen and Lean implementer. Lots of details and useful information.”

A few months later, I went to work for him, and grew to appreciate his consulting talents. We parted later on good terms and I considered him a friend.

I just received a copy of his 2013 book, Kaizen in Logistics & Supply Chains, and found much overlap in subject matter with the two books of mine that he previously considered a “wonderful contribution” and a “must have.” I assume he changed his mind because they are not in the bibliography, and I couldn’t find my name anywhere in his book.

One comment on “Lean Assembly, Lean Logistics, and Euclides Coimbra’s Changes

  1. Dear Mr. Baudin,

    My name is Francisco Madariaga. I met you in Japan (september 2005) in a kaikaku experience trip with CIE Automotive, organised by Asenta. Later I met you again in Bilbao (Hotel Carlton) presenting your book “Working with machines…”
    From six years ago, I am a freelance consultant about improving factory productivity. Recently I have written a book in spanish: “Lean Manufacturing – Exposición adaptada a la fabricación repetitiva de familias de productos mediante procesos discretos”.
    For your knowledge, have included your three books (all excellent) in the bibliography.

    I follow your blog. Very interesting.


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