Not Just Patriotic, U.S. Manufacturing May Be Smart : NPR

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The incentives are stacking up in favor of making things at home. As General Electric discovered in its Appliance Park in Louisville, Ky., big things can happen when marketers and designers talk to assembly line operators.

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

Thanks to Kevin Hop for sending me this story. It must be music to Bill Waddell’s ears.

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One comment on “Not Just Patriotic, U.S. Manufacturing May Be Smart : NPR

  1. Always glad to hear about anyone reshoring manufacturing. The key is whether these companies have really figured out that effective (lean principled) management near the customer is the best long term approach; or are they merely reacting to the rising costs in China and moving here because it is cheaper … only to leave again as soon as the low cost winds blow them to some other third world country.

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