Saskatchewan Health Care Data Not Showing Improvements from Lean?

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“[…]The government has stated that its kaizan promotion offices do not measure or evaluate lean, and that no reports have been written. At the same time, however, it has stated that lean has already demonstrated benefits. To test this, I reviewed the HQC website – Quality Insight – that has a significant amount of provincial data. For each indicator I will report the first and last month or year where data were collected.[…]”

Michel Baudin‘s comments:

The article’s author, Mark Lemstra, from The StarPhoenix, claims that Lean yielded no improvement in the financial or medical performance of Saskatchewan’s health care system,  based on data from the Health Quality Council (HQC).

The article’s title is only about “Savings,” but most of the body is about health outcomes and perceptions, and presented through numbers buried in text.

Before taking this article at face value, I recommend checking out the HQC website directly. As in the featured image above, some metrics have clearly improved. Other indicators are flat, like  the willingness of patients to recommend their hospital, or the rate of medical error reports. And some have moved in the wrong direction, such as those related to pain management.

It is perhaps not the rosy pictures that the Lean boosters would like, but neither is it the disaster Lemstra is painting.

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