Renault: An international school of Lean Manufacturing opens at Flins | Automotive World

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“Jose-Vicente de Los Mozos, Executive Vice President, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, of the Renault Group, inaugurated the International School of Lean Manufacturing yesterday.”



Michel Baudin‘s insight:

When I visited this plant in 1994, I never imagined that it would be the site of an international school of Lean 20 years later.

We were working at the time on Lean implementation with CIADEA, the Renault licensee in Argentina. It had originally been a subsidiary, was sold to local entrepreneur Manuel Antelo in 1992, and was repurchased by Renault in 1997.

At the time, my hosts in Flins thought that Lean was just a way to cut heads and that implementing 5S would cause production to drop.

Times change.

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