Working outside in rather than inside out | Bill Waddell

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“Perhaps one of the most inane – but very typical – aspects of the business process in manufacturers is the construction of the supply chain from the inside out.  Three times in the last week – count ‘em – three for three – I visited a manufacturing company with (1) problems delivering in the time frame customers want; (2) lots of inventory but rarely the right inventory; and (3) a supply chain constructed by their supply chain people based on some idea of how to construct a supply chain but not one constructed based on a delivery objective.

In other words, some factory guys got together at some point – probably with an accountant or two breathing down their necks and decided this is how we purchase and this is how we schedule production and that is the resulting lead time, so sales …. Go out and try to shove those lead times down customers’ throats, regardless of what customers want or need….”
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