How Hard Is It To Create Flow?

Mark DeLuzio

Mark DeLuzio started a discussion on LinkedIn with the following question:

“My Sensei Mr. Nakao once told me: ‘The hardest thing to do in TPS is to create flow.’ What do you think about that?”

It started a spirited debate, with the following participants, in alphabetical order: Bruce AndersenRob Beesley , Vincent BozzoneMark DeLuzioMichael DunneOkan Gurbuz, Shahrukh IraniKerry McPherson,, Gregoire NlemeOkan GurbuzEgidijus KaritonisSunil MalagiPaul Van MetreJerry O’DwyerJohn PeckLuis SaenzRavi VaidiswaranPrasad VelagaRaka RaoSandur SubramanyamMark Warren

Sourced through LinkedIn

 The following is a digest of my own answers, collated before they vanish in the replies-of-replies bowels of LinkedIn.

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