Manufacturing in America Infographic | U.S. Census Bureau

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“Manufacturing plays a major role in our economy. According to the Census Bureau’s latest County Business Patterns, the manufacturing sector includes almost 300,000 establishments with 11 million employees producing goods that we consume domestically or export abroad. The nation relies on several key Census Bureau programs to track America’s manufacturing. The most recent year’s data from some of these programs are highlighted below.”

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

These are the official numbers about the place of Manufacturing in the economy, in terms of employment, geographical distribution, materials consumption, energy consumption, capital investment, value of shipments, and contribution to exports.

In the US, we are lucky to have government agencies that compile unbiased economic statistics, and make much of the raw data available on line.

If you want to know the valued added per employee of an industry, or its ratio of indirect to direct employees, you can get the numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Economic Census.

As one would expect, the value added per employee is higher in semiconductors than in aluminum foundries. But the industry on the West Coast that, in aggregate, produces the most value added is computer assembly, and that, I didn’t expect.

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