Our Spanish Partner Asenta’s 25th Anniversary

Our Spanish partner Asenta just celebrated its 25th anniversary in Bilbao with a conference and a party. Brad Schmidt, Jeffrey Liker,  and I were asked to contribute short videos for the occasion. Mine, I admit, is the least professionally produced but the only one entirely in Spanish. Jeffrey, in particular, has mastered the art of lighting the scene without having the reflection from the lamps in his glasses hiding his eyes, which I am struggling with.

Both Brad’s and Jeffrey’s messages are strictly about business. To me, in going to Bilbao for Asenta, there is also the pleasure of the team members’ company, the beauty of the Basque countryside, its food, and the wine from La Rioja. It actually is the only place I visit for work that I would consider going to on vacation.

Here is Brad’s video message:


And Jeffrey Liker’s:


And mine: