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“Torero is an Indian leather manufacturing company that is the exclusive global license holder for Cross brand. Here is their story. It  aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make In India’ campaign. It has nearly $20 million in annual revenues, employs 4000 workers….”

Source: yourstory.com

Michel Baudin‘s comments: According to the article, the owner/operator of this company is a guest lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and he has focused on modernizing the company’s information technology.

The two pictures of the company’s manufacturing operations show workplaces that are clean, well lighted, and not overly crowded, but no hint of thinking in terms of flow, and not much in the way of workstation organization or tooling. And these pictures leave you wondering what the operators’ backs feel like after a day of sitting hunched over their work.

$20M/year for 4,000 workers works out to $5,000 in revenue/worker, out of which you have to pay them, buy materials, run facilities, etc., and eke out a profit. Are these numbers right? Given that the pictures do not show sweatshop conditions, I suspect that some the numbers are off, and that  it is really either $200M/year or 400 workers. For comparison, here is a picture of a sweatshop posted by an Indian blogger who signs as Penpal:

Penpal’s picture of a T-shirt sweatshop.



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