Discipline And The Broken Windows Theory | Dumontis

“Over the last few years a lot has been written about Lean leadership. For instance about what the differences would be between Lean and traditional leadership. And what the characteristics are of a Lean leader. One of the aspects often missing, I feel, is “discipline”. I have always told my managers that they weren’t paid more because they would supposedly be more intelligent or because they studied for a longer period of time, but because I expected them to be the most disciplined in respecting standards. As without the manager’s respect – also interestingly described in the “broken windows” theory – the organization as a whole will flout its own rules.”

Source: www.dumontis.com

Michel Baudin‘s comments:

Is being disciplined in respecting standards truly the quality that justifies managerial pay? By this criterion, the Caine’s Captain Queeg and the Bounty’s Lt. Bligh were both excellent managers. Whatever happened to “plan, organize, control, and lead”?

Like the “Hawthorne effect” or “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,” the broken windows theory is being accepted just because it sounds plausible, not because it is supported by experiments. Do clean walls and intact windows deter serious crime? Perhaps, but it has to be established, and the response of passers-by to flyers does not do the job.

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