Who Invented the Car? | Ronnie Schreiber

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Marcus’s 1870 car

“[…] the Nazis tried to write Austrian inventor Siegfried Marcus (who was Jewish) out of history by ordering German encyclopedia publishers to replace Marcus’ name and credit Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz as the inventors of the automobile[…]”




Michel Baudin‘s comments:

As this article is not about manufacturing or Lean, I hesitated about posting it. Who cares who invented the car anyway?

When President Obama mistakenly referred to the car as an American invention, it created a small diplomatic row with Germany because, as everyone knows, the car was invented by Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz…

Or was it? Not according to Ronnie Schreiber, and he shares plenty of  evidence that, until the Nazis decided otherwise, the inventor of the car was an Austrian jew named Siegfried Marcus who beat Daimler and Benz by about  two decades.

We should care about giving credit where it is due, even for inventions that are 150 years old, and for practical reasons. We want the inventors of today and tomorrow to know that they will be properly honored for their contributions, whether or not they are able to profit from them.

Now back to manufacturing!

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