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“This webcast shows an interesting interview with Steve Jobs when he was with NeXT computer. He discusses quality, business and the experience of working with Dr. Juran at NeXT computer. The video is likely from around 1991.”

Michel Baudin‘s comments:

The interview starts slowly, with Jobs collecting his thoughts before speaking, and it was not supposed to be about Juran. Jobs is the one who brings up Juran in response to a question about quality.

At first, he reverently calls him “Dr. Juran” — Juran was not a PhD — and then, affectionately, “Joe Juran.” Steve Jobs as the respectful disciple is something I had not seen before. What was he so impressed with? Here are a few I picked up in  the video:

  1. While focused on quality, Juran did not see it as more than it was. It is about making good products and services; it is not a philosophy of life.
  2. For all his accomplishments, Juran remained simple. He treated everybody alike, and  answered every question put to him as if it were the most important in the world.
  3. Juran was “driven by his heart” to share what he had learned and found out in decades of work.

Towards the end of the video, the 30-year old Jobs sounds more and more as if he setting a role model for himself. But Juran lived to be 103; Jobs died at 56, only three years after Juran, and did not get the chance.

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