John Hunter’s Review of this Blog

On his TimeBack management blog, John Hunter wrote a review of this blog that made me blush. Amid the glowing praise, however, he included one critical comment for which I thank him, and on which I am acting right away. “From almost anyone else,” he wrote, “defining one’s own comments as ‘insight’ would be insufferably arrogant.”

He is right, and I would have immediately noticed it on anybody else’s blog. I use Scoop.It for press clippings, and they are the ones who call everybody’s comments “insights.” It’s OK with other people’s comments, but it is insufferably arrogant to apply it to your own. Everything I clip on Scoop.It is automatically cross-posted on my blog, and this is how this offensive heading ended up in my posts. I am responsible for everything on my blog and should have fixed it, but I didn’t notice it.

I have already changed “insight” to “comments” in the most recent posts and, if anyone knows of a way to do a “Replace all” on an entire WordPress blog, I would love to know.