A new logo for the takt times group

The takt times group has a new logo. The old one was the result of a brainstorm back in 2007 involving Christophe Caberlon, Marc Deloges,and me, and it was intended as a stylized rendition of an old-style metronome, which we thought was an apt metaphor for takt time. We still think it is, but we were engineers, not graphic designers, and we have lately gotten feedback to the effect that the artwork could be improved.
Being based in Silicon Valley has its advantages, like the ability to pick the brains of digital media artists like Nathalie Mathé who took a break from developing the computer-generated 3D backgrounds for movies like Skyfall or Captain Phillips to propose changes to our logo. It is now curvier, less busy, and with less aggressive colors. Actually, if there were a kanji for “metronome,” this is the way it might look.