‘Lean’ Manufacturing Takes Root in U.S. | Fox News

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It’s called “lean” manufacturing, and analysts say it enables managers to reduce redundancy, increase output and save capital that can be used to hire more workers.




Michel Baudin‘s insight:

This article in from April 29, 2011, but I just found it today. The facts are approximate, as you would expect from Fox News, but the video includes a good segment on a raku-raku seat in action and an interview of Jeffrey Liker.

Toyota dealership carsThe article presents the Toyota Production System are being strictly make-to-order, which makes you wonder where the new Toyotas for sale at your local dealership come from.

Toyota’s system is also presented as centered on collocating designers, suppliers, sales and marketing by project, which says nothing about production… Incidentally, no one who has actually researched Toyota’s approach to product development describes it as collocating everybody.

Even the Liker quote about Toyota’s not having laid off anybody during the financial crisis, while formally accurate, does not take into account what happened with temporary workers. These workers do not have the tenured status of permanent employees, but some work for the company continuously for years.

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