Visitors see ‘lean’ during RUH tour | Star Phoenix

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 Technology is often touted as the cure for many of our modern afflictions.Funny, then, that a whiteboard in the staff room could make such a difference in how the city’s busiest emergency department runs.”It’s very low-tech,” says Jon Schmid, the registered nurse manager for Royal UniversityHospital’s emergency department. “But the impact it has on our organization is huge.”…

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

The text of the article is informative, particularly about the use of a white board, but the picture does not show this white board. In fact, it seems unrelated to the article, as if the newspaper just slapped on a stock photo from a hospital.

As it is, however, this photo is a good reason for the quotes around the word “Lean.” It is an encyclopedia of work space design mistakes, with work surfaces at uneven and ergonomically inappropriate heights, causing people to stoop, or even squat to access the refrigerator. Not to mention empty space in the center and chairs.

Workspace design mistakes

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