Increasing Subassembly Productivity

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In my time spent onsite with the customer implementing PFEP (Plan-For-Every-Part) and advanced material flow techniques, I often was pulled into other projects. One of these projects was an effort …

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

This is a rare post on assembly engineering, dealing with the layout of subasembly cells for a mixed-flow line. This is the red meat of Lean, ignored in most of the English-language literature on the subject. Kudos to Kelcy Monday for getting involved.

Reading this, I can’t help but thinking of many issues I would have handled differently, but I have not seen the product of the shop floor. In any case, this is the right opportunity to work on, with order-of-magnitude performance improvements at stake, as opposed to the 5% others might have nibbled by  applying 5S on the old layout.

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