Hospital in Frankfort, MI, implements Lean | Grand Traverse Insider

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From this article, it appears that the focus is on clerical support functions and loading docks, not on patient care. This is how it is described:

“Recently, the hospital used Lean thinking concepts to create more efficiency between its clinical and clerical staff by ensuring that the proper documentation forms are available for particular procedures.

‘We created a card that informs the clerical staff what form is needed and how many forms to print,” said Rommell. “We also did some reorganization in our loading dock area to create more efficiency in handling our supplies.’”

As is common in the press, the background on Lean is not entirely accurate. For example, the article says:

“… the Toyota Production System[…] spread to American manufacturers with publication of the book, ‘Lean Thinking'”

Actually, it started in the early 1980s, about 15 years before.

Further, it says:

“…hospitals across the nation have moved to incorporate the Japanese principles of ‘Six Sigma’ and ‘Lean’…”

Six Sigma came from Motorola, and there is nothing Japanese about it.

And next:

“Toyota […] has been using these principles for a long time…”

Toyota never used Six Sigma.

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