Video on Lean at ACT Trailers

This morning, I received the following email from a manufacturer of trailers in Indiana, with a link to a Youtube video they produced for their dealers. It is a good case of organizing production around the demand structure. At the end of the video, they acknowledge Bill Waddell for his help. Here is the full message:

From: “Lucas Landis” <>
To: “Michel Baudin” <>
Subject: RE: Context of your video
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 08:08:09 -0700

We are a 13 year old company that manufactures specialty trailers in
Nappanee, IN. As with a lot of manufacturing plants during the end of
the last decade, our company went through a terrible austerity period –
employees were laid off, the CEO was replaced, and a myriad of other
radical decisions were made as a result of the downward economy. Out of
the ashes of that, the founding CEO of the company had been doing a lot
of research on LEAN manufacturing. Because we were more or less
starting over, Steve Brenneman (CEO) decided to implement the LEAN
philosophy to maintain a more sustainable company that could avoid
future pitfalls and offer a more superior product. We are now into our
3rd year of our LEAN Journey and this video documents our Value Stream
process. We created this video to help our Dealers understand our
business philosophy and system. Following a previous Kaizen event, we
are in the process of taking LEAN to the front end of our business,
which means getting our distributors in-line with our process. The
video should explain the rest.

Hope that helps.

Lucas Landis
ATC TrailersMarketing
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