About Obeyas (“Big Rooms”)

“Obeya” (大部屋) is Japanese for “Big room.” The term has been getting attention lately in the Lean community as a solution for service operations or project teams and is even conflated by some with production teams’ daily meetings on the shop floor, which don’t take place in a room other than the production shop itself.

On the other hand, the idea of bringing together in one room all the stakeholders in an issue, problem, or project to communicate face to face, find solutions and make decisions is not exactly new. It’s called a meeting, and those who wish to sound “Lean” without changing anything can call their meeting rooms “obeya.” Those who wish to dig deeper, however, find a more specific — and useful — concept, if not a panacea.

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Obeya Ops | IW Presentation, April-2013 | Sam McPherson

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Obeya example from Sam McPherson

Obeya example from Sam McPherson

“The Theory behind Obeya is based on a simple idea: Dedicate time and space to coordination and problem-solving and organizational barriers will be minimized.

The ability to maintain Proper Problem Awareness in Real-time, listen to Teammember concerns, make discoveries, resolve problems together, collaborate, accelerate leader and team-member development and reach our full potential is critical to a Lean Organization

The Obeya promotes coordination, strategy and flexibility while leveraging the  expertise and support of teammates from diverse areas.

The Result: Effective solutions and actions that can be developed and implemented quickly…”

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

A clear presentation, with many informative pictures, as befits this topic.

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