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“The usual procedure is that when anything happens, [we] suppose that somebody did it. Who did it? Pin a necklace on him. He’s our culprit. He’s the one who did it. That’s wrong, entirely wrong. Chances are good, almost overwhelming, that what happened, happened as a consequence of the system that he works in, not from his own efforts. In other words, performance cannot be measured. You only measure the combined effect of the system and his efforts. You cannot untangle the two. It is very important, I believe, that performance cannot be measured.”

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  1. We should not export American management to friendly nations”. Dr Deming. (Good)
    “Kanban or just in time follows as a natural result of statistical control of quality, which in turn means statistical control of production”. Dr Deming. (Not so good).

    One of my reasons for leaving the British Deming Association in 1991 was the leaders blind believe in that statement. —- Having studied with Dr Deming I realised he was not the problem. It was his zealot like followers who would not allow any dissent on his teachings. Having visited Japan several times I had seen that JIT, Poke-Yoke and Kanban existed without the use of SPC.

    I once tried to discuss the red-bead experiment with my Sensei; he refused, saying, “Why have you got red beads in the box”. (I know the red bead experiment is used to demonstrate statistical variation, but if we stop the red beads getting into the box, there is no variation. But to achieve this we must inspect every bead as it enters the box and reject the red ones. The output needs no sigma number, and we will guarantee 0 defects).

    I trust your new work Michel will correct these problems,

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