Internal Threat to TPS due to new Hiring Practices | Christoph Roser

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“Toyota with its Toyota Production System is the archetype of lean manufacturing, which also makes it to one of the most successful companies on earth. This success is due to outstanding management at Toyota; however, recent changes in hiring practices threaten the Toyota Production System at its core.”

Michel Baudin‘s comments:

Now a professor at Karlsruhe University, Christoph Roser is an alumnus of Toyota Research in Japan, so he has first-hand knowledge of the topic.

Toyota’s response to the Aisin Seiki fire of 1997 is certainly a shining example of its supply chain management practices at work, but its relevance to employee hiring practices is not clear to me.

Also, one should not confuse dominating a meeting with getting decisions to go your way, and learning to say “No” rather than “It would be a little difficult” is just being culturally sensitive.

Having this ability carries no implication on a person’s character.  Being articulate and assertive does not mean being selfish. Being selfish means only looking after yourself. Making sure that what you mean comes across clearly to the other side in a negotiation is perfectly compatible with seeking win-win solutions.

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One comment on “Internal Threat to TPS due to new Hiring Practices | Christoph Roser

  1. Hello Michel,

    thanks for your comments. The Aisin Seiki fire was an example for cooperation. However, recently it seems that newer employees are selected less for their ability to cooperate, but rather for their ability to be more pushy. My worry is that this reduces the cooperative spirit, and may damage the success of Toyota.

    In any case, i have slightly reworded my post based on your input.

    Happy New Year,


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