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  1. My great grandmother (born 1890) also used a two bin Kanban system in her kitchen. She had two bags of sugar in her cupboard; when the first bag was empty and placed in the bin, one bag of sugar was added to her shopping list. She also knew how to handle Kanbans’ main problem, demand surge. She increased her sugar stock in December to 5 bags to cover the manufacture of her christmas cakes.
    She also used JIT for her customers(the family) to provide Breakfast, Dinner and tea. Within her production system she also used; 5s,Work standards(Recipes) and standard work. Interestingly I don’t think she was aware or would have understood any of these words, she just did it.

    • I was surprised by Knoeppel’s point because it is about manufacturing, not a household, and because he uses the vocabulary of pull and push. I don’t use the two-bin system for household supplies because I don’t have the space for two containers of everything and I don’t want to bring empty containers to the store in lieu of a shopping list.

      The one device I always have with me, whether at home or outside, is my iPhone, and I have a shopping list app on it. So I use a form of reorder point with it. When I am nearly out of an item, I use the app to put it on my shopping list.

  2. This is how all the work small and big were managed in those days. They learnt the practice by silent observations or homely advice. In present day of mass production scale of education, terminology helps communication easier and faster to propagate the learning.

  3. With grandmother’s method anyone could manage the pull system for sugar. The phone wasn’t much use, it hadn’t been invented.
    PS Grandmother didn’t take the empty bag to stores she had a shopping list.

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