Lean dairy farming in New Zealand | The Southland Times

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“Southland’s dairy farms and economy could reap the benefits of a manufacturing programme designed to increase efficiency in the industry.

The Venture Southland-led Lean Manufacturing Programme focuses on enhancing on-farm performance, reducing input costs and developing the skills and knowledge of farmers by identifying areas where efficiency gains can be made.”

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

Based on the article, it boils down to 5S.

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2 comments on “Lean dairy farming in New Zealand | The Southland Times

  1. Michael,

    I recently came across your comments on the programme. It has been very successful, with the dairy farms seeing significant efficiency gains. 5S is a critical part, however the development of clear understandable processes and process milestones has also played an important part. While many of these have been in place on farm previously, it has been a matter of making these more visual and at point of use.

    • Thanks for the clarification. Journalists often oversimplify, which is why I had written “Based on the article…”

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