Mike Rother: You already have a Kaizen Promotion Office… It’s called “Management” » The Lean Edge

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Mike Rother: You already have a KPO… It’s called “Management” » The Lean Edge http://t.co/qlQvRAZB

Michel Baudin‘s insight:

I agree. What Rother depicts is what most Kaizen Promotion Ofices degenerate into, but it shouldn’t be taken to mean that there should be absolutly no one in the company working full time on Lean. Even Toyota, for example, has the OMCD (Operations Management Consulting Division). The OMCD, however, has on the order of 60 members for more than 300,000 employees, which works out to one for every 5,000. This ratio guarantees that they won’t be the ones carrying out improvement projects for everybody else.

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