Driving Improvement Through Systems Thinking | Gregg Stocker

“[…] When starting an improvement effort, I usually ask about the minimum target the team is attempting to achieve.  The answer is often something made up on the spot or a generalization, like as much as possible.  Improvement efforts should … Continue reading

Flow Line Pacing | All About Lean | Christoph Roser

  “There are three different options on how to time the production lines.[…] The “easiest” one is an unstructured approach. The processes are still arranged in sequence; however, there is no fixed signal when to start processing a part. The pulse … Continue reading

Perspectives on Standard Work

In the TPS Principles and Practice group on LinkedIn, I started a discussion by asking “What do we mean by ‘Standard Work’?” At that point, I saw it as whatever you do to ensure that same work is done the same … Continue reading

Takt time: can it be universally applied to all types of production?

This is the question Casey Ng asked in the TPS Only discussion group on LinkedIn. He elaborated as follow: What are the essential conditions to implement takt time successfully? What are the cases when it fails and if you refer … Continue reading