Teaching, Training, Coaching: Is There a Difference?

Teaching, training and coaching are overlapping activities. Usually, not much harm is done by using these terms interchangeably, and the distinction made in a number of publications is without much of a difference. You use a personal trainer to sculpt your abs and a voice coach to hone your public speaking. Perhaps these expressions roll of the tongue  better than “personal coach” and “voice trainer,” but these alternatives would be equally descriptive.

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Two Vancouver companies get manufacturing awards | The Columbian

“Two Vancouver companies were among five top award winners in this year’s Manufacturing Excellence Awards, sponsored by the Association of Washington Business and UPS. […]  TigerStop won the Manufacturing Excellence Award for innovation. That award highlights a company’s work in designing, developing and delivering a blockbuster product concept. TigerStop was founded in 1994 by Spencer Dick to develop a cutting machine that would consistently produce accurately shaped parts, whether metal, aluminum, plastic or wood. The company has sold more than 30,000 machines, and uses local sourcing in its production facilities, the business association said of TigerStop.”

Source: www.columbian.com

Michel Baudin‘s comments:

It’s gratifying to see a former client receive an award. A few years ago, TigerStop asked me for Lean training. They went through a society of wood cutting machine makers and hosted a workshop at their site. For this small company, it was a way of getting what they wanted without bearing the whole cost.

I was impressed by the creativity, open-mindedness, and dedication of the TigerStop people. Congratulations on this award!

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