Industry 4.0 – Revolution or Evolution | Bodo Wiegand | Wiegand’s Watch


Bodo WiegandBodo Wiegand heads the Lean Management Institute, which is the German affiliate of the Lean Enterprise Institute. In his latest newsletter, on Wiegand’s Watch, he explains how he feels manufacturers should respond to the German government’s Industry 4.0 initiative.

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A critical look on Industry 4.0 | Christoph Roser

One of the hottest buzzwords right now (at least in Germany) is Industry 4.0. However, it’s a bit fuzzy what Industry 4.0 is, exactly. In this post I would like to talk about Industry 4.0. This includes very little about all the promises of a wonderful future – you can read that elsewhere. Instead, I will try to give you the big picture. I will talk about how Industry 4.0 came into existence, why it is so popular, what the true current benefit of Industry 4.0 is, and why you should pay attention to clothes.

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Lean and Industry 4.0 – Opposites or Complements? | Wiegand’s Watch

This is a translation of Bodo Wiegand’s latest newsletter, about Lean in Germany, followed by my comments:

Lately, I was at a company where the CEO told me “Mr. Wiegand, Lean is over –  all the talk now is about Industry 4.0”. Well, I hadn’t  seen this coming. Then:

  1. Lean would have been just a passing fad like many management theories.
  2. This company would already be Lean, with all the processes to be designed without waste.

So if Industry 4.0 takes over from Lean, we can say goodbye to the philosophy of creating value without waste, because that’s what Lean is about: creating value without waste.

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Interview video, in French

Last week, in Paris, Philip Marris invited me to attend his seminar on Critical Chain Project Management, which I found enlightening. At the end of the day, Christian Hohmann asked me to sit with him for an interview that he posted on the Marris Consulting youtube channel. Warning: it’s in French.

The Internet of Things in Lean Manufacturing | SME |F. L. Thomas

“[…]Within the context of Lean manufacturing, focused on elimination of waste and continual process improvement, the Internet of Things can lead to huge efficiency gains … some people see it as Lean on steroids. Tools and equipment will automatically collect, share and interact with other data and processes, opening up a whole new realm of achievements attainable under Lean initiatives.[…]”


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Michel Baudin‘s comments:

Even though the article is a marketing pitch, and the Internet of Things (IoT) so far has been focused on systems embedded in finished goods rather than production processes, it is a topic that manufacturing professionals and Lean implementers should pay attention to.

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